CIVITTA Alumni Challengers - Henry Keinonen

At CIVITTA we challenge the traditional consulting industry, mixing smart people with lean processes and structures. We are not afraid to encourage our clients to think out of the box and challenge their own industries. This means asking difficult questions and bringing bold, new ideas and innovative solutions to the table.

We wanted to see how this translates to our colleagues’ way of working or approach towards consulting — thus, we are starting a Challenger interview series that will bring more light on how we do things and why we do them.

We have asked Henry Keinonen - a consultant from CIVITTA office in Finland - to share his thoughts on this.

The idea of CIVITTA is the Challenger Advisory. What does it mean to you to be a challenger consultant and how do you feel this challenger spirit translates to your work?

"Being a challenger consultant for me is about being the 'new kid in town', but still delivering the same quality and value as our larger, more established, competitors. There is nothing more satisfying than putting your effort into a client project and exceeding their expectations. Regardless of having operated just two years in Finland, CIVITTA has managed to secure a firm standing in the management consulting business and developed strong client relationships with some of the largest publicly listed corporations. Additionally, I appreciate our genuinely flat hierarchy and the possibility for even junior level consultants to engage with customers early on."

Tell us a bit about life outside of work. Are your hobbies along the same Challenger lines?

"Running and cycling have been close to my heart for a longer time, but I eagerly try new sports and never say no to a challenge. In the last few years, I started playing tennis, downhill skiing and most recently disc golf this summer. Whether it is about taking a beating on the court, face planting on the slopes or sinking a disc into the nearest water hazard, for me sports is about getting back up, learning, and improving the next time."


What would you advise a young consultant starting her or his career in Finland?

"Embrace a 'can do' -attitude and bring your own ideas to the table from the beginning. While a lot of the professional capabilities improve with experience, a proactive and eager attitude only speeds up your development and can set you apart from the mass of other bright individuals beginning their careers in management consulting. On the other hand, the correct attitude also means being merciful towards yourself – you are not supposed to know everything from day one and a career in consulting is a one of constant learning."

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