Introducing the CIVITTA Finland Alumni: Elja Lonkila, Consultant

Elja joined CIVITTA in January 2021, having previously helped some of the leading growth companies in Finland to scale their business as a part of in-house technical HR & recruitment functions. Elja’s background of studies in business analytics and computer science at Aalto University and the University of Helsinki respectively led him to a career in consulting, where Elja helps clients solve their problems by providing insights backed by data.

Elja has three years of experience from various industries and organizations, with a year of experience in management consulting. Elja’s key strengths lie in turning complex problems into concrete business problems and conducting sophisticated analyses to arrive at actionable insights. Elja is skilled in developing financial models, BI solutions, and conducting various analyses to support strategy development with a wide array of tools and technologies. High-growth companies and SaaS are Elja’s home turf in terms of industries, but he has also gained expertise with logistics, retail, and financial services.

As a man of many interests and a self-proclaimed music nerd, Elja spends his time outside work playing various sports, fishing, or attending concerts. 

Consulting to Elja is all about delivering impact – every project delivered is an opportunity to create lasting value for the client. Delivering projects with exceptional quality is non-negotiable and seeing the solutions implemented in real life makes the job as a consultant rewarding.

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