CIVITTA - Story of our company


CIVITTA challenges the traditional norms of management consulting.

We make strategy concrete by supporting our clients in developing and executing the strategy at the right stages, with the highest possible impact.

We provide more scale to our results with fact-based approach coupled with flexible team structures and adaptive project formats.

We combine traditional consulting model


We  focus on analytical rigor and fact-based problem-solving. Our prior consulting experience in thousands of projects and extensive network allows us to make use of the best industry tools and practices.


Our management team combines alumni of Big 3 and Big 4 consulting firms, leading market research agencies, public policy institutes and entrepreneurs. To complement our Partner group, we employ talent that wants to grow and contribute to their geographies. Among us there are graduates from Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, London Business School, London School of Economics, Copenhagen Business School and Aalto University.


We want to make sure that our work gives real results to our clients. We don't want to write theoretical exposes or reports that collect dust on shelves. Our primary focus is on serving clients who understand that they can benefit from external help and who are ready to implement solutions and drive change in their organizations.


Challenger Mindset


We are not afraid to challenge our clients towards making positive change. This means asking difficult questions, making uncomfortable observations, and bringing bold new ideas and innovative solutions to the table.


We are focused on what our clients really need: excellent teams delivering concrete results. Our advantage comes from offering more value to clients while keeping our own overheads low due to an agile organisation with low internal bureaucracy, a lean and digital operating model, and efficient team structures tailored to satisfy customer needs. We cut out non-value added components from project scope and apply success fees where it is warranted.

CIVITTA - The Challengeʳ Advisory

At CIVITTA our mission is to make high quality management consulting services accessible to all types and sizes of organizations. We deliver this by leveraging our Challenger approach to management consulting. This means challenging the management consulting status quo of high price points and large, cumbersome project teams with a more flexible operating model and better return on the Clients' investments. We acknowledge ambitious companies require multiple types of external support to drive impactful change, and CIVITTA is keen to serve companies on topics ranging from strategy development to hands on business development, from data analytics to developing tangible digital solutions.

CIVITTA Nordics journey in 2018 started on a similar challenger mindset shared by original founders. Besides the shared foundation, we also see significant upside to bridge the market opportunities and talent pool between Nordic markets and the rapidly developing Central and Eastern Europe. Leveraging the local Nordic team's stellar execution capability and the CIVITTA Group operations covering most of the CEE region, we are able to leverage market-leading local insights and contact network to help Nordic companies successfully capture growth opportunities there. Furthermore, cross-country collaboration is in our DNA and we continuously provide top management consulting and data science talents from the CEE to support Nordic organizations in solving their most challenging business problems.

Our main tenets for success:

  • We challenge our competitors — we deliver more value, at scale.
  • We challenge our clients — we are not afraid to ask the tough questions and help clients to challenge themselves or their own industries.
  • We challenge ourselves — we like unconventional projects.


Operating countries




Nordic clients served


Software Developers

Our presence

Our Nordic presence is based in Helsinki and Copenhagen. We work with over 380 consultants and 200 digital developers across 18 countries.

We conduct consulting and market research projects in countries beyond our home markets. Thousands of completed projects come from a flexible approach and international mindset, and they have ensured successful cooperation with clients in 40+ countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

We are part of an international consulting group with an extensive partner network in Central- and Eastern Europe.