Entrepreneurship & Startup Support

Professional assistance to entrepreneurs covering the full-range of startup-development topics. Helping organizations to create and implement meaningful entrepreneurship support and development programmes

Some of the challenges entrepreneurs face:

  • Lack of clarity and need for guidance on how to prioritize tasks and structure activities when creating a venture and further aspects of growth (team, business contacts)
  • Questions on how to raise capital: pitch-deck preparation and finding the access to the right funding source, would it be an angel, VCs or a grant
  • Scaling to new markets or relocating headquarters, which requires practical know-how of business environment and market conditions in those markets 

Some of the challenges organizations supporting entrepreneurship face:

  • A need to attract potential entrepreneurs, to find the right partners and new promising startups early on
  • A challenge of managing the startup ecosystem or a number of entrepreneurs at the same time
  • Integrating own pipeline of startups or own initiative within startup ecosystem or globally

Some of the challenges corporations willing to tap into startup scene face:

  • Creation of entrepreneurship culture, process and developing spin-offs 
  • Organization of non-formal, creative environment of a startup community for own employees
  • Creation of own Venture Capital arm and full-immersion into the startup ecosystem, scouting, selection and management of startups that suit corporation’s needs

Why hire consultants?

  • Civitta team started and developed their own startups, and also launched and contributed to startup accelerators, incubators, business angels’ networks, venture funds, conferences, competitions and entrepreneurship support strategies and programmes
  • We know how to grow companies – in consulting work we have faced hundreds of startups in different stages of development and from various sectors 
  • While working with many different stakeholders of entrepreneurship ecosystems locally and internationally, we have developed a solid understanding of how to piece together and coordinate an entrepreneurship ecosystem
  • We have established business connections not only in our home markets, but also around the world, especially in Europe and Silicon Valley

Assessment of the state of a startup or an entrepreneurship support programme and identification of needs

An in-depth conversation and information exchange with a startup development expert during which the state of a startup or an entrepreneurship support programme is assessed and the needs are identified

Result: a holistic overview of the client’s situation and clearly identified needs

Solution design

A solution is designed to satisfy client’s needs based on the expertise in the field of interest and validated with external experts, if necessary

Result: a comprehensive list of development initiatives / projects to be undertaken together with action plans and business cases

Attracting necessary resources

Attracting necessary competences and other resources to implement the proposed solution

Result: a project ready to start 


Implementation of the action plan with the team, monitoring the progress, controlling the intermediate results and assisting the client in the decision-making

Result: the project is running / implemented to the satisfaction of the client