Management Consulting

The process of recognizing and understanding organizational problems, designing solutions, and working side by side with the client to create meaningful changes

Some of the challenges companies face:

  • Unclear strategy or goals of the organization
  • Changes in the market (new threats or opportunities) necessitating a new strategy or direction of the organization
  • Lack of know-how, tools, processes or management skills to achieve organization strategic goals
  • Inadequate or unclear organizational structure
  • Issues with specific functional areas such as finance, IT and others

Why hire consultants?

  • Consulting provides expertise and rigorous analytics to companies that don’t have in-sourced specialists for specific issues. Moreover, hiring consultants for short-term projects might be cheaper than retaining full-time employees
  • Consultants offer best practices and experience gained from various projects in different countries and industries
  • Consultants bring objective judgement from outside and proven value towards the achievement of desired goals


Overview of company’s business performance, structure, and processes is conducted in order to determine potential solutions

Result: detailed study of company’s performance

Solution design

Areas of improvement outlined in the diagnostics stage are detailed to help the client achieve its strategic targets

Result: list of change projects to be undertaken, together with business plans for these changes


Comprehensive action plans for the approved changes are prepared together with the client

Result: guidebook of strategic initiatives with detailed schedule, resources to be used, and risk management actions


If necessary, we help to set-up and run project management office that will assist in monitoring the progress of strategic initiatives implementation and enforce unified project management principles throughout the organization

Result: the changes are fully integrated into the business