Market Research & Customer Data Analytics

The process of gathering and analysing external and internal information in order to deliver valuable insights for decision-making

Some of the challenges companies face:

  • New growth opportunities identification in terms of customers, segments and markets
  • New products launch and positioning or additional SKU development 
  • Rebranding or relaunch of current products 
  • Client base understanding (customer segmentation, targeted offers)
  • Effectiveness increase of current offers
  • Strategic problems solution

Why hire consultants?

  • Consultants have all the needed experience, know-how and infrastructure for fast and sophisticated data analysis, and effective visualisation. 
  • Consulting services save time for the client, therefore decisions are made faster and re-pay starts within a shorter period of time 
  • Consultants cover diverse fields of expertise (e.g. statistics, sociology, econometrics, marketing and advertising and bring relevant experience gained from various industries and countries)
  • Consultants provide neutral and independent interpretation of data

Internal marketing audit

Analysis of existing product & brand portfolio, assessment of its efficiency and existing customer types

Result: an overview of company products and customers

Market research

Market research is conducted including market structure, customer preferences and expectations, customer segmentation, study of competitors and distribution channels

Result: comprehensive understanding of the market and its current trends

Strategy design

The information from all sources is used to create a strategy tailored for client needs and covering new product positioning, client loyalty program, new marketing strategy for existing products & brands, etc.

Result: a complete strategy with an action plan


If necessary, we help to implement the strategic plan by monitoring the progress, controlling the intermediate results and assisting management in the decision-making

Result: successfully applied strategy in line with market opportunities