Organization, Process & Change

Organizational structure development

  • Definition of alternative organizational structures
  • Division of tasks and responsibilities between business units
  • Assistance with decisions regarding centralization of functions
  • Development of job descriptions

KPI’s development

  • Development of strategic KPI’s (e.g. based on Balanced Scorecard)
  • Definition of monitoring system down to individual employees
  • Link of KPI’s to compensation system
  • Design of the reporting package

Process mapping and optimization

  • SIPOC procedures mapping
  • Development of organization process model framework
  • Facilitation of process mapping sessions
  • Modelling of processes using BPMN 2.0
  • Documentation of small improvements (“quick wins“)

Comprehensive cost reduction program

  • Review of core business functions (e.g. using LEAN, Six-Sigma methodologies)
  • Optimization of the procurement
  • Restructuring and centralization of support functions 

Change management implementation

  • Project design set-up
  • Coordination of project activities and reporting (PMO)
  • Development of employee training plan